Each week, you will complete practicum-related Assignments. It is highly recommended that you review the practicum assignments for Weeks 2–11 before Day 7 of Week 1. This will give you time to meet with your preceptor so that you can fulfill the requirements of each Assignment.
Week 2: You will write about two clients from a family you observed or counseled. (Assignment to be submitted by Day 7 of Week 4)

Week 3: You will complete a comprehensive client family assessment. (Assignment to be submitted by Day 7 of Week 4)

Part 1: Comprehensive Client Family Assessment
Create a comprehensive client assessment for your selected client family that addresses (without violating HIPAA regulations) the following:
Demographic information

Presenting problem

History or present illness

Past psychiatric history

Medical history

Substance use history

Developmental history

Family psychiatric history

Psychosocial history

History of abuse and/or trauma

Review of systems

Physical assessment

Mental status exam

Differential diagnosis

Case formulation

Treatment plan