For this Discussion Board, a minimum of 300 words is required. During this unit, you will discuss the following three questions.

What organizations have appeared to be behind the standards movement in public health in the U.S.?
In order to successfully meet the health care needs of the community, public health agencies need to identify relevant, reliable, and feasible indicators of community health that may be used to monitor outcomes and practices at the local level. What are some of these indicators that you see as important to public health? How would you collect information to be certain that your indicators accurately reflect the needs of the community?
Statistics mentioned in Chapter 16 state that the average local health department performed 24% of the services to the community themselves (Miller, CA, Moore KS, Richards TB, and Monk JD, p. 389), accounting for 67% of the total community effort. The text lists those activities most likely and least likely to be performed in the average jurisdiction. Why do you think these specific activities fall into each category? Is this beneficial to the community or harmful? How would you change this?