While one of the chapters focuses on agriculture, I want you to think about the water and what it means to have portable water. Do so research and then consider the impact that corporations such as Nestles have had on the world’s water. Do so research before you write. There are videos out there which discuss this issue.

Write a well-developed APA style. ONE page SINGLE SPACED essay which shows me what you have learned about the importance of water and what we are allowing corporations to do with it. Remember you must start to research to have a good answer, one which will teach people what is going on in the world concerning water, its value and what it means when you are deprived of it due to those who have taken rights away from people.
As I said, there are many videos out there to watch and there are papers. So put your skills to work when researching and then, in your own words, write your paper. Cite the research too.