Reflect on a patient who presented with endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or amenorrhea during your Practicum Experience. Describe the patient’s personal and medical history, drug therapy and treatments, and follow-up care. Then, explain how treatment modalities differ for endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and amenorrhea, as well as the implications of these differences when diagnosing and treating patients.
SA report review for the match to the template and resource list

the SOAP on genital lesion thorough and well writ with evidence supporting your differential and primary diagnoses.

APA format to be correct.

The references use within the 5 years required time period.
Please address the following:

Pertinent positives and negatives in the ROS

Pertinent PMH, SH, and FH


Vital Signs

Physical Exam

Diagnostic test results

Assessment with 3 priority diagnosis THOROUGHLY DISCUSSED

Medications new and d/c’d

Alternative therapies if appropriate

Diagnostic tests ordered with time frame

Referrals or consultations if appropriate

Follow up interval
Reflection should include the following:

What did I learn form this experience?

Any ah-ha’s.

What would you do differently?

What additional data would you have gathered?

What additional elements of the exam would you have done?

Do you agree with your preceptor based on the evidence?