New And Precise Unit 8 Pp
Congratulations! You have been chosen by your chief officer to present for an upcoming officer’s seminar that is a part of the Officer Candidate School being held at your department. All future officers in your department must successfully complete this seminar before they can sit for the promotional exam to become a company officer. Your PowerPoint presentation will be included in Part III of the Officer Candidate School, which involves personnel management. For your presentation, which is comprehensive in nature, you will first need to select of one of the following humanistic management concepts: FIR 4302, Fire Service Personnel Management 4 McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y; Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; or Blake and Mouton’s managerial grid. Next, you will need to meet the criteria provided below. Explain your chosen theory. Apply real-life examples that support your chosen theory. Correlate how your chosen theory and real-life examples relate to managing personnel. Your presentation should be a minimum of 14 slides, with a maximum of 16 slides, not counting the title and reference slides. Include at least five content-specific images to support your material. Include at least three sources, one of which will be your textbook. As always, you must use proper APA format for citations and references, including those for the pictures used. If you have any questions regarding the assignment, contact your instructor. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below