New And Precise Reflective Essay 1000Words
INSTRUCTIONS: In this essay, each student will examine their starting point in this course. Whether you are Indigenous or non-Indigenous, from Canada or an International student, the goal is to critically examine why you are in this course and what specifically you bring with you in terms of skills or experience. Specifically, you will need to explore:

Why you are in this course? Was it voluntary?
What skills/experience do you bring?
What you expect to learn?
Why you think Indigenous Studies is a requirement for so many programs?
Any challenges you think you will have to overcome.
While it may seem simple at first, reflective essays require us to look critically are ourselves and the world around us.  It’s not just your thoughts or opinions on paper.  Your reflective essay must make a clear argument.
Additional Instructions:
Papers must be double-spaced, in 12 point font.
Students MUST submit a paper in either pdf or word – no other formats are accepted
Students must respect the length – papers must fall between 1000-1200 words.
Students must write this is APA format.
Students must write this as an essay, students should not submit just questions and answers.