New And Precise Letter To Editor
Letter to the editor:

Based on the information found in the article “Do farm subsidies cause obesity?”  and on the website   write a letter to the editor of whichever newspaper or online news source you frequently refer to (e.g., The New York Times, The Daily News, CNN, Fox News). Here are the guidelines you should follow:

– Please note: You should read through some of the articles in the newspaper or news source you choose related   to the Farm Bill in general, changes to the Farm Bill, food subsidies, and obesity and RESPOND directly to one of the articles  – that is what defines a letter to the editor from just an opinion.
– You should respond to an article that has been published in the past six (6) months.
– Please only respond to food, farm, agriculture, community or health-related articles or postings.
– You do not actually have to post or send the letter! This is just a homework assignment. However, if you would like to consider sending it, I can give you feedback prior to your submission.
– Be sure to include the title of the news source, title of the article, date of publication (within past 6 months),         and if applicable, the author’s name.