Students are required to design a strategic plan for a new business they have envisaged or develop a strategic plan to turn-around an existing business they own.Use your work organization by applying knowledge acquired in the MBA program and techniques and tools learnt in the Business Policy course. Please note that you are allowed to submit the report only as an uploaded PDF document to protect the integrity of its format. Points will be awarded for content of the report as well as professional appearance of the formatting of the document. Student are required to present their strategic plan in a well-formatted form; including cover page, executive summary, table of content , actual body of report and appendixes and reference pages not later than April 14, 2022. If not sure of format to use, please google and use YouTube to research strategic plan report formats. The actual body of the report should be about 10 pages; excluding the cover page, executive summary, table of content and any appendixes. Also note that though the executive summary appears immediately after the cover page, it can only be written after writing the main body of the report because it is a summary of the actual report and should be about one page in length and must touch on everything that is important in the report. Cover page should not be numbered and the Executive summary page and table of content page(s) should be numbered in Roman numerals, whilst the rest of the documents is numbered in Arabic numerals.