You will write a short evidence-based reflective essay (no more than 5 pages) that relates two objects from our Virtual Museum to each other, and places them in context with the readings from our textbook. I choose (Bowie knife and Amputation kit) from the civil war.

In a coherent, well-structured essay you will address the following issues:

1. Briefly identify the items from the Virtual Museum you have chosen to write about.  Be sure to include important facts like dates, geographic places, and the names of individuals or groups associated with the items.

2. Very briefly summarize the linked website sources.  What are the articles or webpages about?

3. How do the two items from the Virtual Museum relate to each other?  What do they share in common?  In what ways are they different from each other? Together, what story do they tell?

4. Reflect on what is important about these items in relation to the historic events and themes discussed in our textbook.  How does the linked website carry the story beyond the information in our textbook?  Be sure to use specific details and examples from the website sources and our textbook.

5. Reflect on whether or not these historic objects and sites are relevant to your life today.

6. Reflect on what you have learned from contributing to the Virtual Museum.