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The purpose of this assessment is to provide an opportunity to the participants to develop a real-life

case study by observing existing marketing activity in a Saudi organization. The organization name is

Zamil air conditioners ( )


Instructions: Read the general instructions before starting the case study.


 Identify an organization /person practicing marketing activity.

 Identify an issue/problem which can be used to supplement the theory.

 Write the case study in the past tense.

 The maximum number of words allowed = 2000.

Key Deliverables: The case study must have three parts:

1) Opening paragraph

 Who is the main protagonist?

 Who is the key decision-maker?

 What is the problem/issue?

 When does the case take place?

 Where the case took place – organization, city?

 Why does the issue or problem arise?

2) Body of case study

 Tell the whole story – usually in a chronological order

 Typically contain general background, business environment, company

background, and specific issue details.

 Use publically available information through official websites.

 Add tables and pictures as annexures.

3) Concluding paragraph

 Provide a summary of the case to reiterate the main issues or raise new