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Question 1


The Watergardens at Canberra

Factors influencing consumer decision to purchase a three-room unit


Psychological Influences

Attitudes and Values

The tranquil and resort-like concept of the Watergardens at Canberra is likely appeal to consumers who value the convenience of having various amenities within walking distance to save time and effort travelling to different places. The Watergardens at Canberra has “resort-like” facilities and terrace gardens and trails to evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquillity for homeowners while still being accessible to MRT stations, shopping centres, and food markets (“The Watergardens at Canberra”, 2021). The condominium also provides a childcare centre, a 50-meter infinity pool, and several communal spaces within its compounds. These features are likely to attract consumers who are busy working adults with kids and have limited time in a day to get their daily tasks done, and value family time. Having a place which offers convenient amenities will be able to take some load off their hands, and they can spend more quality time with their children or on their work.


Sociocultural Influences

Age Groups & Social Class

Most consumers looking to purchase a home in a condominium are likely those who have young kids or married couples who are looking to start a family, and are affluent consumers of upper social class who have the financial capability to spend more on housing. According to the PRIZM Life Stage Groups Infographics (Moriaty et al., 2019), the target audience for Watergardens at Canberra falls under the “family life” segment, which predominantly consists of families with children in the household. Children is the driving factor of this particular segment, and the idea of providing a luxurious place for their kids to retreat to may encourage consumers to make the purchase.

Coupled with the amenities offered by The Watergardens at Canberra targeting families with young kids looking for a new home, it is likely that consumers who are in this particular stage of the family life cycle and social class will be inclined to purchase a unit at the condominium.



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Question 2


The Facet Model of effects is a holistic model that details the impacts of advertising. In the facets model, effective advertising develops six types of consumer responses and communication objectives. The objectives are perception, emotional/ affective, cognition, association, persuasion, and behaviour.


Attitudes and values are the central themes in the persuasion facet. The persuasion facet is an interlink between cognitive and affective factors while age groups and social classes are deeply related to lifestyles people live in. The wants of the consumer need to be kindled and create excitement. It should make the consumer envisions himself living in the future. The consumer should be able to identify himself with the brand or lifestyle he wants to live in. This will increase the emotional impact. The advertising campaign should be delivered by someone well known to the general public or has credibility.


The campaign for the Water gardens at Canberra overall should engage both the heart and the mind. The good aspects of the development should be highlighted to show how it stands out from other developments. The messages must not just be facts but there must be some emotions added to it. The consumer should be able to recall the ad based on the unique selling point of the development. It should be informative backed with data and motivate the consumer to make the purchase decision. The motivation can be further triggered by reward strategies like sale prices and gifts.









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