Here are the requirements for the Nursing Role assignment:


1-What are the overall roles of the Home Health nurse (eg direct patient care, educator)?

2-Discuss the various settings a Home Health nurses can provide care for patients in the community – be specific.

3-Discuss the various roles home health nurses can have in the community (be specific)

–        eg parish nurse

·       The role of the parish nurse is to…

Be very detailed and provide specific examples.

4-What types of medical problems a Home Health nurse treats (just list and/or briefly explain types of problems… for example, Pulmonary nurse will treat asthma, COPD, bronchitis, etc. Do not go into any specifics about the diseases.)

Feel free to add anything you would like to the presentation.

** Make it fun and exciting.  Feel free to dress up as your specific nurse and/or have props. Also, when you present, make sure you are convincing me of the type of nurse you are.