9 Dress Like Juju

Term Project Part A

Store Aesthetics and Target Market

The name of my store, Dress like JUJU, is derived from a childhood name I had wen growing up “JUJU”. The name is informed by the the fashion line of popular Instagram influencer known as Jayda who has a store known as @Dresslikejayda. the objective of my store to offer stylish clothes that are designed to meet dressing needs of women who want to make a statement with their dressing. It also targets fashion consious women who want to wear standout garments for parties and nigh outs. The store stocks stylish everyday wearable garments with a cutting edge in design. Dress Like JuJu’s pictured clientele is a female figure who appreciates garments that are well-designed and tailored to include a sense of pride and boastfulness tand not shy to showcase their sense of dressing. The store is dotted with clothes that are not only simple but also chic to elevate our customers everyday style. Dress Like Juju seeks to offer mouth watering fashions that customers are eager to share on their social media platforms. This will ensure that our satisfied customers market our store to their friends. Designs in our store are tailored to imitate Architectural styles common in French Quarter of New Orleans. Dress Like Juju will give our customers not only distinct architectural design but also immense ambiance, standout décor and superior customer service as a point of differentiation. Satisfied customers will give positive reviews about our products to their friends and the public.

Why each inspirational designer was great and how their aesthetic translated to the

Current store

The society is dynamic in nuture and keeps on evolving and so do customer preferences and tastes. Fashion designers are progressively taking fashion to a whole new level. In this year’s festival, we have chose to honor the efforts of Rei Kawakubo, Christian Dior, and Tom Ford.

Rei Kawakubo

Born in 1942 and based in Tokyo and Paris, Kawakubo is a successful Japanese designer who is the founder and owner of two fashion lines namely Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market . An image of Kawakubo is presented in image 1. Kawakubo is an open minded and adventurous fashion fanatic whose works are not limited to Japan only but also has a show in France. She is obsessed with prestigious and high-end brands. She conceptualizes and designs unique fashion designs. Interestingly, she never does not make sketches when designing her fashions. Her global fashion dsigns are showcased and sold world wide. Her designs are otivated by her life. Kawakubo was raised single handedly by her mother after her parents sepearated (de la Haye & Horsley, 2020). Kwakubo’s father was full of ego and chauvinist and could not allow her mother to work outside the house. interestingly, fashion is desgned to be showcased outdoors to enjoy the feeling associated with fashion.

Kawakubo never studied fashion and design. Her ingenuity shines in her self-made designs. she studied Art and Literature at the famous Keio University. Kawakubo was new to fashion design and her designs demonstrated newness (de la Haye & Horsley, 2020). She started a fashion store without any prior knowledge and skills in fashion design. This made the designs uniqur and standout. The Dress Like Juju store borrows from Kawakubo’s ideas of newness and uniqueness. The Dress Like Juju store is informed by Kawakubo’s store in that it will borrow ideas from her designs. The store will sell designs that boost self esteem and evoke the feeling of pride. Our designs will help our custiomers to stand out because of the unique designs. Samples of her designs are provided in image 2 and 3.

Image 1 image1.jpg

Retrieved from http://www.comme-des-garcons.org/news/rei-kawakubo-interview/

Image 2 image2.jpg

Image retrieved from https://people.com/style/met-gala-comme-des-garcons-rei-kawakubo-explainer/

Christian Dior

The name Christian Dior has been popular in the fashion realm for decades. It creates a feeling of increased luxury for most fashion brands. Christian Dior attracted the world’s most royal clientele through his ability to provide an innate sense of style. Dior can be crowned the title for the epitome in the fashion industry (Donzé et al., 2019). Several aspects can be associated with the popularity of Dior and his design elements. For instance, Dior objected to his wealthy family pressure for taking education and learning political science to become a political diplomat. Dior found his way back to art and the creative world by opening a small art gallery that closed down after a family tragedy. Due to his passion for art and creativity, Dior started selling fashion sketches and opened a boutique in 1946. In 1947, Dior debuted a new design comprised of miniature waists and prominent busts, which was originally criticized, but he persevered, becoming a top and influential designer in France. Dior is a suitable designer for royal individuals attributing to his creativity and innovation. He received an invitation to the British Royal Family to showcase a personal presentation of his latest collection (Donzé et al., 2019). Among his audience were Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth the second, and the wife of the Shah of Persia. His luxurious craftsmanship evokes sensuality through increased signature motifs.

Like Christian Dior, Dress Like Juju is attracted to royal clientele and looks forward to developing highly luxurious designer products for high-profile clients. Such clients have a high taste for unique designs that are impossible to find in common boutiques. Another similarity Dress Like Juju compares with Christian Dior is the ability to fight external influence and focus on art through passion and the increased need to stay unique and at the top of the design game in the fashion industry (Donzé et al., 2019). Dior had an increased influence in the fashion realm, gaining an increased honor for his work throughout his design career. The impact is felt to date. Dress Like Juju is looking forward to such popularity by creating high-quality and unique designs to beat current and existing designers in the fashion industry. The image below illustrates some of the fashionable contemporary dresses designed by Dior. These dresses shall be included in the store in honor of Christian Dior. The second image illustrates one of the most famous dresses that makes Dior still memorable in the fashion industry. It shall also be included in the store to honor his creativity and craftsmanship.

Image 3



Image 4


Tom Ford

Tom Ford is among the top American designers that have shown the world the importance of creativity and craftsmanship in the fashion industry. Ford became the director of Gucci when it was nearly falling due to financial challenges (Armitage et al., 2021). With his devotion and passion for creativity and design, Ford reclaimed the company emerging among the most recognized in the United States and abroad. Ford believes in luxury and exclusivity as part of the driving force in delivering high-quality products. According to Ford, customers require exemptional quality from designers. Instant gratification is the best gift designers can offer to their clients. Ford has a higher focus on brand recognition through developing incredible tastes for his customers. One of the most interesting aspects about Ford is that he agrees that customers will likely choose the fascinating design allowing him to explore and develop appealing products by examining customer needs and trends in the fashion industry. According to him, this is among his sources of success in the fashion industry. Ford’s aesthetic is described by other designers as sophisticated and timeless. The sophistication is derived from his increased innovation and art when designing new products (Armitage et al., 2021). He is also fond of high-end products, which gives him the need to develop sophisticated designs. Most of his work is also described as timeless because his taste in fashion incorporates various periods. His designs’ combination of sophistication and timeliness makes Ford’s products classy, glamorous, and elegant. Such design abilities helped Ford transform Gucci into a multi-billion brand.

Dress Like Juju shares most traits with Ford, including devotion and passion for creativity and design. Like Ford, Dress Like Juju is dedicated to reclaiming the fashion industry by introducing elegant and classy designs that will provide clients with the sense of sophistication that most need (Armitage et al., 2021). Dress Like Juju also believes in luxury and exclusivity as part of the driving force in delivering high-quality products. Such design phenomena in the fashion industry are depicted in Ford, illustrating that customers require exemptional quality from designers. Dress Like Juju is looking forward to providing instant gratification and focusing on brand recognition through developing incredible tastes for its customers. These are the main reasons the store shall be honoring Tom Ford in the upcoming event. Several state-of-the-art designer dresses from Ford’s collection shall be included in the store as an appreciation of his great design work and great taste for fashion. The images below illustrate some of the selected designs from Ford’s collection.

Image 5



Image 6