Topic 7 DQ 1

Your textbook presents information about the components of scholarly argumentation and the expectation that doctoral learners are able to argue positions supported by evidence. Your Position is focusing on HOW EMPLOYEES VIEW BLACK MALE LEADERSHIP. Why is it important to defend your position about men in leadership? How does an argument allow for a scholarly conversation?


Topic 7 DQ 2

Since most doctoral learners are novice researchers, it is often difficult to understand how a researcher provides a compelling argument for why a study needs to be conducted.

Your Dissertation topic is- How do employees view leadership styles, capacity and effectiveness of Leaders of Different Races?

Using your potential dissertation topic, read the attached articles. How does your your potential topic emerge from an important problem that needs to be investigated, that is, what is the benefit of studying this specific problem? How do the empirical sources that you have read argue why the problem needs to be investigated? How does the literature review process influence the development of the argument for your potential study?