St. Thomas University NUR415 – Health Policy

Role of the Professional Nurse in Health Policy Guide Form



This form is used to guide your paper on the role of the professional nurse in health policy. Please refer to grading rubric.


Points to Consider Comments
Introduction Write an introduction on the purpose of your paper.
Health Policy and Professional Nurse Provide a brief description of health policy and how it impacts professional nurses. Give at least one example.
Action Plan for Nurses Involvement Provide an action plan of how you, as a BSN-prepared nurse, can influence health policy:

· Identifying a nursing practice problem (ex: staffing shortages)

· Researching evidence-based interventions (ex: improving health, patient experience, reducing cost, etc.)

· Networking (ex: joining a nursing organization, nursing committees, etc.)

· Advocacy – (ex: writing to your community government officials, writing/meeting with policymakers, forming an advocacy group, etc.)

Conclusion Provide a conclusion summarizing all your main points and action plan.



NUR415 Professional Nurse & Health Policy Guide/R. Rousseau 3/2021