Running head: MEMO 1


Jasmin Linthicum

Professor Aguiar

Discovery Writing


Title: College student depression

College student depression has been an issue that most of our students are fighting against

within themselves. Anxiety is among the top concerns amongst our college students and it is an

issue that needs urgent actions to be taken. I decided to talk about this problem because the school

realized that most students are recording absenteeism and low grades. It is important to address this

issue because Following research done, 40% of our students are in depression.the st

Anxiety, relationship troubles, lack of sleep, poor diets and eating habits, and a lack of

regular workouts are some of the major causes of student sadness, according to study conducted by

the management. These aren’t the sole causes of depression, therefore it’s critical to involve our

children in discussions that allow them to open up about their issues.

Having a high number of students suffering from depression is very disappointing. The

future of our nation depends on our students and being in our college it is our responsibility to help

them out. Most of the students have been having difficulty in concentration, their performances

have dropped, some will always look exhausted, and some have joined alcoholism. This is a result

of depression that the college students are going through. The impact of depression not only affects


Christian Aguiar
This paragraph repeats some of the earlier ideas; instead of repeating those ideas, this would be a good place to answer the third part of the prompt: What disciplinary lenses will you use?
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It can be a little confusing, but for a memo you would NOT indent the paragraphs – it’s business writing – but for your proposal you WILL.
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In your preliminary research for the proposal, these are the types of issues you will need to find research backing for.
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I’m a little confused, Jasmin – who is the management? Are you imagining that this is a memo you’re writing at work?
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You make a good case in this first paragraph for the importance of your topic.
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Wow, this is a shocking number. Be sure to include the source here, Jasmin, just like we discussed in class.
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Good use of the memo format, Jasmin
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That’s okay, but the research itself would need to be real, so this information must come from an actual study that you cite.



the school performances but also the mental ability of our students. They are constantly in a

subconscious state with themselves.

This memo is to call upon every staff to help our students overcome depression and

anxiety. This can be possible if we create more time to interact and offer a listening hear to them.

Through this, they will feel comfortable and will be able to speak out about the problems they face.

Thank you.


Christian Aguiar
I like the creativity here, Jasmin. For the memo assignment, though, you need to talk about your own plans for this class. Are you perhaps going to help your audience understand how to support students struggling with depression?