P5 Reading

The Story of a Road


Answer the following question with details. Please do not write incomplete sentences.


1) Describe the first little footpaths? How were they formed? What did they look like and who used them?






2) How did the rich man contribute to the transformation of the little footpath to a road? Who all accompanied the rich man? What all did he carry? Describe his journey.







3) What was the road like and different from the little footpath?







4) Who used the first roads built by the rich man? Describe the different people who made their journey on the road.








5) How were the lives of the innkeeper changed by these roads?







6) What was the contribution of the churches for the travelers?





7) What was the seasonal problems faced by these roads? Did anyone come forward to act for repair of the roads? How long did this problem exist until it was improved?







8) Who made improvised the first roads and how did he do it?







9) Describe the first stagecoaches and its journey on the improved roads? What was the difference now from the earlier ones?






10) Why did the stagecoaches disappear? Whose invention made this change? What was the change? Describe the benefits of having the use of it?







11) After fifty years, the stagecoaches came back into use on the roads. Were they the same ones? If not, then explain the new ones?







12) What are the modern roads and forms of transportations like? How are the users of the roads changed in the last six hundred years? Explain.