MKT 3600 Kings Bluff Brewery Case


Step 1: Watch the video posted in the Kings Bluff Brewery module.


Step 2: Read the Kings Bluff Brewery Case study posted here.


Step 3: Read the three supplemental materials posted in the Kings Bluff Brewery module:

· Social Network Theory

· Uncertainty Reduction Theory

· Uses and Gratifications Theory


Step 4: Develop your own A+ response to the four case questions. Post it to your team discussion board by deadline (see D2L Discussions).


Step 5: Pretend your team is a consulting group KBB has hired to answer these four questions (see case study). Prepare a Memo using the template below. You must use external sources to support your recommendations and speak in marketing/business terminology. This is professional writing, not a text message or social media post.



1. Memo: Use the collective output of your individual work to prepare a memo, formatted as below (next page).

a. Due 11:59 p.m., April 18 via D2L assignment folder.

b. Minimum of six external resources. Use numbered superscripts in memo. List numbered references at end of memo.

c. No direct quotes.

d. No plagiarism.

e. Single-spaced, bold headings, Word document, 1.5-2 pages






TO: Dustyn and Kristen Brewer, Kings Bluff Brewery


FROM: Names of all participating team members (no usable contribution=no credit)




SUBJECT: Social Media Marketing for Kings Bluff Brewery


Following is a series of four research-based recommendations in response to your questions concerning Kings Bluff Brewery social media marketing.


Network Selection and Management

Which social networking sites should KBB use? Who should manage them? Provide supporting rationale and research. Use superscript numbered citations aligned to resources list at end of memo.1


Leveraging Social Networks

Through the lens of social network theory, explain why social media is a critical component of the promotional strategy for KBB, a new business seeking to build community and grow sales.


Understanding Usage Behavior to Strategically Shape Content

What uses and gratifications may drive craft beer drinkers to follow and engage with KBB brand pages on various social networking sites? How can KBB use that information to strategically develop social media content aligned with their mission?


Reducing Consumer Uncertainty

Think about the reasons KBB customers, both prospective and existing, may experience uncertainty. How can KBB use social media to create a sense of certainty and, ideally, move consumers toward a long-term relationship?



In 2-4 sentences, summarize the recommendations you made, the research supporting them, and the strategic reasons KBB should follow your recommendations. It should be clear you read the case such that you obviously understand the state of the craft beer industry, the preferences of craft beer drinkers, and the competitive landscape KBB faced at the time it opened in 2019. It also should be clear you understand the three theories I have asked you to apply. Failure to demonstrate adequate understanding of course concepts in this work will garner a failing grade.



2 Another resource

3 Another resource

4 Another resource

5 Another source