Joshua Payne

My name is Joshua Payne. I do not really have a preference for what I am called so feel free to call me whatever it is you like. I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology before starting my career as a middle school teacher. I could not remember the last time I took a math class. It would have to be either geometry or pre-calc in 2013/2014 during my last year of high school. It has been quite the long time and I have never been a fan of math. I am currently taking this class because I decided to knock out some of my general education requirements while I am away on mission. The slideshow had a few funny slides, I relate to all the ones talking about not liking or being good at math. I do not believe my attitude will affect my success in class, whether I like the class or not it has to get done to accomplish my goals. Also, I do not want to be unsuccessful and have to pay the Army back with my money! I have ample amount of free time during this mission, and I plan on using most of it to spread out the workload of all my classes I am enrolled in. I use a planner for pretty much everything and after reading the syllabus I am now aware of the estimated 5 hours it will take to complete a module. I also plan on working on things from future weeks whenever I can in order to have a safety blanket in case of any unexpected situations. I look forward to finishing these 8 weeks with everyone.




Jaya Drewelow

Hello Class,

I prefer to go by my first name, Jaya. I am currently working towards an Associates of Applied Science to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I am originally from California; however, I serve in the US Army so I tend to move around often. The last class I have attended was AP Calculus BC in High School, which was extremely difficult for me. I decided to take College Algebra due to me no longer understanding the concepts of math, it has been a little to long for my liking to pick up where I left off at. I believe that this will help me in my other classes for my specific area of study as well. I also decided that this was a decent time to enroll into another class because it may help the time go by faster out here. I have two of the cutest German shepherd puppies and a wonderful Husband back home that I am eagerly waiting to be with again. I am an only child with a small number of cousins so I do not have a lot of family to depend on when it come to their educational paths because they were not the strongest in it, which made me connect to the image of the family “no one in my family is good at math”. Although I am deployed, I have full intentions of completing this course with all my effort. There is no point on prolonging my future any more than I already have, I want to be able to get out of the Military and start my new career quickly. I plan to get the hang of the big time zone difference from where I am located to when the assignments are due, which is crucial to being successful in this class. I also would like to grasp the concepts as much as I can since I did struggle a lot in High School. Another plan would to hopefully apply these learnings to my future classes that I will take in order to complete my program.