In your responses, try to make that important connection you will soon need to make with your coworkers and the families in your facility. Share what you like about their behavioral intervention and what you would do differently or add to their intervention.



Hi, my name is Shannon and I am from Springfield IL. I married with five boys, and I also have 4 bonus children one boy and three girls.  I’m currently going to school for my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I teach ages 3-5 for a Head Start Program. My go-to strategy is re-direct. I like to give students a chance before they have to go to a safe place. (We are not allowed to use the word time-out). This is an area of the room where children have to go to calm down. There are different breathing techniques we can do with the children to help calm them down. We use Conscious Discipline which is a tool/resource to help students manage their emotions in healthy ways and to teach them the skills to do so. The teacher or co-teacher will sit in this area with the student and talk about their behavior and why they had to go to the safe place. When the student is calmed down, they may go back to the area they were in.

Two Girls Arguing Over Blocks

I see two little girls; one little girl is crying, and the other little girl is playing with blocks. I will walk over and ask the little girl why is she crying? If she says she is crying because she does not want to share the blocks, I will explain to her that we have to share the blocks with our other friends. I can give the girls two choices to choose from. I will say I can divide the blocks up between the two of you so you both will have blocks to play with or you can build something amazing together. I will wait for them to decide which choice they would like to go with.