1. In your responses, try to make that important connection you will soon need to make with your coworkers and the families in your facility. Share what you like about their behavioral intervention and what you would do differently or add to their intervention.


Hello Class, my name is Mark, I am enrolled in the early childhood education program here, I am married with four children all of whom are boys.  Currently, I am getting my associate degree in Early childhood education, but I want to get my bachelor’s degree.  From there I will work in the field as a first through third-grade teacher to see how it goes.  If after a couple of years this is not the direction, I wish to be taking then I will switch and become a researcher in early childhood education in order to better understand how best to teach children and to help others do so. I am a family man and I have a graveyard job, so my time tends to be limited for school but so far, I seem to be getting along okay.  I will achieve associates in December, and I have a plan for the rest of my schooling. I live in Montana where it was snowing even today (though it did not stick) and I am surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.

Two girls arguing over blocks:

Looking at the image, it is hard to see exactly what went on here.  According to the image title, they were arguing and if this is the case, then it could be that the girl who is crying was building something, and the other girl knocked down the blocks so she could play with them also or just because she is mad.  Assuming that this is the case, I would take the girl who acted out in anger aside and explain to her how mean it was to do that and ask her to apologize to the other girl.  I would tell her how her actions hurt people and remind her that she would not want those things to be done to her.  I would inform her of other ways that she can express her unhappiness and tell her that if something is making her angry to come and talk to me or another adult.  If this is a behavior that is common for this child, I would also take the time to adjust the curriculum so that we work on recognizing emotions and show them strategies for dealing with their feelings.