In order to prepare for the District Interim Assessment, please consider the following prompt:

The American Dream, the idea that our country offers everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, opportunity, freedom, and the promise of prosperity, is part of the social and cultural history of the United States. The idea of the American Dream remains a part of our public discourse. In your informed opinion, does our country still provide the promise of prosperity regardless of circumstance?

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Decode the prompt: 2 things * YOUR definition of the American Dream * In your opinion, can everyone achieve it?

Support with four pieces of evidence ( movies, music, media, your personal experience, literature, Coming Out The Shadows)

Assignment: Select a pre-writing form to help formulate your thoughts. Make sure to have 4 different sources ( personal experience, media, or literary sources) to support your argument. Pre-Write forms:

Note: The Detailed Linear Form will be printed out for you. All others, please create your own model ūüôā

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