Hey! This assignment is called “Inventory of Skills” and it is to write about and reflect on three strong professional skills you have that are of interest to employers


Review the list of skills file (the second file) and pick three professional skills and write about them

Here is the assignment instructions:

Please be sure to read the assignment carefully and take the time to assess your skills. Not only can this assignment help you to hone in and highlight your top skills on your resume, but it can also assist with answering interview questions by providing examples of skills (demonstrated evidence as mentioned in the assignment).

3 points: Now that you have assessed your skills, you are required to write about these skills. This assignment is single-spaced and 12-point font and should be about four paragraphs and one to two pages long once you have completed it. As this is a writing assignment, you will be graded for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, etc.

2 points: In your introductory paragraph, please introduce the three skill areas that you believe are the areas in which you are strongest. In addition, you should clearly rank these three from your strongest to weakest in the opening paragraph. You ranked these in Part 1 of this assignment: Communication skills; Written communication; Organization; Quantitative literacy; Problem-solving/analytical skills; Critical thinking; Creative thinking; Flexibility; Initiative/self-starting; Leadership; Teamwork; Human relations; Ethical reasoning; Local community skills; Global connections.

3 points per skill paragraph: After the introductory paragraph, you will write a paragraph on each of your top 3 skills. Each paragraph should include demonstrated evidence that relates to the transferable skills that are included in part one. For example, if you feel that initiative/self-starting is one of the top three skills you possess, you can then discuss examples of how you improvise and adapt when a task changes unexpectedly or how you anticipate the needs of others. While you were provided examples of transferable skills/core competencies within each area in part one, you are also encouraged to add to these. This would show that you are able to work outside the boundaries of an assignment or project, a creative thinking skill. You should include at least two or three transferable skills in each paragraph. Transferable skills are any skills that you have acquired throughout school, jobs, volunteer activities, life experiences, or hobbies that would be beneficial to employers. They are skills that emphasize process more than a product.

3 points: In addition, you should clearly discuss how you specifically reflect these skills in your resume or how you plan to adjust your current resume to reflect them. For example, if you believe teamwork is one of your strongest skills and is shown in your ability to work with others, you can talk about a bullet point you have under your job at McDonald’s regarding how you assist coworkers to provide better customer service. Note: “clearly discuss” means more than simply listing skills or stating that they are not reflected in your current resume. This section should be two or three sentences at the end of your assignment.