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I am providing you this Outline and Checklist for your Final Paper. Use this Outline and Checklist when writing your FINAL PAPERDo not delete any of the sections of this outline.


1. From the Harvard Press Review Book select one (1) chapter as the basis for your paper.

· Hidden Traps…

· What you don’t know…

· Conquering a culture…

· How (un)ethical are you?

2. From your chosen chapter select one (1) element you would like to write about. For example: The chapter on Hidden Traps talks about seven (7) different traps. If you select this chapter, select only one (1) trap to write about for your entire paper.

3. From that one (1) element come up with one (1) primary question or issue you have, directly related to that one element..

4. Use the given Title page and Table of Contents as provided. Do not make changes. Make sure you retain the formatting.

5. Follow the instructions in the Final Paper ChecklistMake sure that you have covered off all the points.

6. VERY IMPORTANT POINT – Use the transition sentences high lighted in yellow to end and start off each sections of your paper. Past student who did not follow this point lost significant marks.

7. The Title pageTable of ContentsPaper OutlineWriting QualityCitations, and Referencing must all be written following APA writing guidelines. Not following APA will result in 5 mark deduction. Consult the school’s APA writing guidelines.

8. You must reference at least six (6) additional authors in your paper. Properly citing and referencing other authors in your paper is particularly important.

9. IMPORTANT. Your paper must be written in “one voice”. This means each person’s contributions should be edited to where there is no distinction between who wrote what.

10. The page count for the paper is approximately eleven (11) full pages. Word Count – 3000 min. (not including Title Page, Table of Contents, and References). Not following the Page Count will result in a 5 mark deduction.

11. Late papers will receive a 5 mark deduction.

12. This paper is worth 15% of your course mark. See the marking Rubric below








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Trinity Western University for the International Degree Completion Program

LDRS 320 I2 Ethical Decision Making

Mr. Gerald Van Dyck

April 30, 2021