ACCT 307 Accounting Information Systems

Assignment 2 – The New Technology and Its Impact on Accounting





Assignment 2 – The New Technology and Its Impact on Accounting

New technology advancements have always forced the accounting profession to evolve and redefines how accountants interacts with business processes.

The objective of this assignment is to survey and review various new technology and its impact on the accounting profession. You will choose ONE of the following recent technology advancements and discuss it thoroughly.

From recent lectures choose ANY ONE of the following topic:

1. Data Analytics

2. Big Data

3. Artificial Intelligence & Automated Decision Systems

4. Cryptocurrencies (Bit Coin)

5. Block-chain

6. RPA (Robotic Process Automation

7. NFT (Non-fungible tokens

You may structure your report in the following format:

1. Introduction of the technology (what is it and what does it do)

2. How does it impact business and accounting processes?

3. What are the accountants’ roles with respect to the new changes?

4. Conclusion


1. The assignment can be done individually or collaboratively in a team of two members. For team work, each member is expected to contribute equally and will receive the same mark.

2. The report should be saved in Microsoft word or PDF file. Handwritten homework is not acceptable.

4. Please submit your assignment online to the dropbox in iLearn website before the due date specified on iLearn.