5.1 Assignment: Devotional- The Good Builder – Part 5

Getting Started

When last we left Joseph in our previous workshop, we witnessed a brash, young man, touting his dreams of being the leader of the family when he was number 11 in the line of succession. Joseph wasn’t particularly humble.

During this devotional reflection, we’ll see the humbling that Joseph endured, the preparation for leadership, and the foundation for Joseph becoming one of the best builders described in Scripture. You’ll also consider your own preparation for the future.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

· Recognize strong leadership skills through leaders in the Bible.


Background Information

Read or  listen(new tab)  to  Genesis 37:12-36(new tab)  and read or  listen(new tab)  to  Genesis 39:1-23(new tab)

Joseph’s pride and the favoritism he received finally catches up with him. His brother’s revolt when they have the opportunity. Although initial thoughts about killing him exist, they toss him into a pit instead. Then, they sell him to a group of nomadic traders, creating a back-story for their father that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal. So much for bowing down to him, or so they thought.

The humiliation of being sold by his brothers is followed by being sold a second time and serving as a hired hand in the Captain of the Guard’s house. Things go well – everything he does is blessed – until he is falsely accused and gets tossed into prison.

Things go well in prison too – everything he does is blessed – except that he is forgotten for years. But pay close attention to the preparation that Joseph is accumulating. Compare the similarities in the house and prison stories. He is serving in leadership roles, given control of the household and given responsibilities in prison. The enormous pride is also being removed. He is being prepared. Developed. For something greater.

Good builders often go through developmental experiences. They gain perspective and wisdom from past successes and failures. They leverage those past lessons to become more effective leaders in the future.

After you have read the passage, consider the following prompts:

1. In your life and leadership journey, where have you experienced events that chipped away at pride that you might have had? Where have you learned lessons, even challenging circumstances that help you in your current leadership roles?

2. In careful self-reflection, are their places of pride that still remain? Lessons that still need to be learned? What might others say about you in answer to those questions?

3. If you have a perspective different from a Christian worldview, what does that perspective suggest about the challenges, failure, learning, and development?

4. What are the implications or connections to organizational behavior themes?



1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Review  Genesis 37:12-36(new tab)  and  Genesis 39:1-23(new tab)  and prompts provided in the Getting Started and Background sections.

3. Write a one-half to one-page reflection paper (Word document; @250 words double-spaced = one page) that shares your thoughts/perspectives on the themes of this devotional and submit it using the Assignment submission page by the end of the workshop week. Be sure to apply APA formatting guidelines.

· Feel free to utilize the APA formatting resource, Academic Writer in the  IWU Resources(new tab)  page, by creating your account which will give you access during this course.

1. You do not need to “answer” each of the prompts. Rather, use them to stimulate your thinking. Then, write a meaningful discussion of the important insights or even questions that emerge during your reflection.