3.4 Assignment. Leader2Leader. Preparing to Engage in Dialogue

Getting Started

Two of the most common challenges often faced in organizations by a leader is the ability to handle conflict and the dynamics of power within the organization. To gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of conflict and power, you will have the opportunity to prepare to interview a business or community leader. Consider the knowledge and skills you have gained up to this point and what lessons you wish to learn from someone who is leading, perhaps in your community or current organization. Be sure to apply critical thinking skills as you formulate your questions!

You will be working on the Leader2Leader interview throughout the rest of the Workshops. This week, you will select your interviewee, schedule the interview, and prepare interview questions. In Workshop Four, you will conduct your interview. In Workshop Five, you will report your findings – review  5.3 Leader2Leader Dialogue Report(new tab) . In Workshop Six, you will include your learning from the dialogue as you complete your course project.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

· Develop interview questions.

· Apply critical thinking skills.


Background Information

An important part of leadership development is acquiring perspectives outside of a textbook. Throughout your program, you will be encouraged to glean insights or perspectives from a variety of external leaders. Beginning with the very first course in your program, you have been encouraged to identify some leaders with whom you can hold a brief discussion (30 minutes or less). You should not just use the same leader for each course, but you should consider a variety of individuals from whom you might learn during the program (e.g., direct supervisor, other level leaders in your organization or other organizations with which you are familiar, a pastor/religious leader, head of a charity, local business person) in order to generate a variety of perspectives. Select one of those leaders in your life for your Leader2Leader dialogue in this course. Consider which one might have the most relevant insights for the topics you have been studying.



1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Review previous reading assignments and videos.

3. Select a business or community leader to interview in Workshop Four (in person, by phone or Zoom)

· In the opening to your assignment, identify the leader you are considering and provide a brief assessment of why that person would be a good leader to engage for your Leader2Leader dialogue in this course.

1. Then, draft five to eight questions that will be used to conduct your Leader2Leader conversation.

1. Questions should be based on the following areas:

a. Handling conflict

b. Recovering from mistakes

c. Sharing power

d. Empowering employees

e. Significant leadership lessons learned