Useful resources

Variety of educational materials are available at: www.cdc.gov/dhdsp/materials_for_patients.htm


This is an opportunity to create a document of your own design with the intention of teaching laypeople in the country you selected and that addresses the chosen health issue.

Review the examples that are available in the Instructional Materials folder for Module 6. Use the samples and any other health education materials from the clinical setting, in the community, or online as resources


1. Choose the type of educational material you wish to design. It may be a patient education pamphlet, a poster, or a fact sheet that addresses a defined educational need of laypeople in relation to the chosen health issue. Remember you are working with individuals in the selected country.

2. The following audience characteristics must be addressed in the educational material you are creating.

2. Adults in the country you selected in Module 1 (or revised by Module 3).

2. English is the second language of these adults. Kenya people speak Swahilli

2. The adults are laypeople

1. Address the following items.

3. The purpose of the pamphlet/poster/fact sheet is clear

3. Use visuals when appropriate and make sure the visuals are appropriate for the purpose you have specified

3. Use language appropriate for the identified audience (remember that material for the general US population needs to be between the 6th and 8th grade reading level).

3. Avoid inclusion of items that might frighten or upset the layperson but make sure the document is informative

1. Make sure that the educational document is only one (1) page. Documents that are more than one (1) page will receive an immediate five (5) point deduction.

1. Remember, this is informative, educational material. It should inform, but should also be visually appealing and not all words. Include color/graphics/images/bullet points, etc. Make it easy for the reader to understand and catch their eye.

1. There should not be a lot of white space, but it should not be excessively busy. It should be understood by someone with a 6th-8th grade reading level.

1. It should be geared to the intended population

1. -Laypersons

1. -Adults

1. -English is second language

1. This should be about YOUR selected health concern in YOUR chosen country.

1. Make sure that the pamphlet/poster is only 1 page. Documents that are more th