Discussion 4


Critically think about the ethical issues surrounding the research report and plagiarism. Familiarize yourself with Module 4’s objectives, introduction, video, and articles. Use the articles in Module 4 as your primary reference, then use the St Leo Online Library for peer review sources and to find relevance to this week’s topic.


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1. There are many ethical issues that need to be considered when preparing and essentially writing a research report. It is suggested by Barnett and Campbell (2012) that the APA Code of Ethics contains two ethical principles that address reporting accuracy and transparency (Cooper, 2016). What are these two principles and what do they address? Why is it important for a researcher to understand the various aspect of report writing?

Hint: The ethical principles are: Substandard 8.10, is meant to protect the integrity of the scientific enterprise. It states that psychologists do not fabricate data, and if they discover errors after data have been published, they take steps to remedy the situation.

Substandard 5.01 states that, “Psychologist do not knowingly make public statements that are false , deceptive , or fraudulent concerning their research, practice or other activities or those of person or organizations with which they are affiliate” (p.8).



2. The Office of Research and Integrity (ORI) and Merriam-Webster have similar definitions for the term plagiarism. What are the forms of plagiarism and what are some of the ways that plagiarism can be combatted? What core values are violated when a researcher uses plagiarism in his/her work?