Policy Proposal

Rubric 04-3

Create an 8 slide PowerPoint with speaker notes, for one of the stakeholder groups identified in your previous Policy Proposal, which addresses current performance shortfalls, the reasons why new policy and practice guidelines are needed to eliminate those shortfalls, and how the group’s work will benefit from the changes.

1. Succinctly summarizes a proposed organizational policy and practice guidelines. Presents information and keys points that enable the target audience to readily grasp the goals, scope, and importance of the proposed policy and practice guidelines.

2. Interprets, for stakeholders, the relevant benchmark metrics that illustrate the need for a proposed policy and practice guidelines. Clearly and convincingly presents the evidence that supports the need for changes in policy and practice

3. Explains how a proposed policy and practice guidelines will affect how a stakeholder group does its work. Provides an honest and accurate assessment of practice changes and their precise impact on stakeholders.

4. Provides a clear, concise, explanation of how a proposed policy and practice guidelines will improve quality and outcomes for a stakeholder group. Emphasizes the benefits to the group of the proposed changes, supported by credible evidence, and impartially addresses conflicting data or alternative perspectives

5. Presents strategies for collaborating with a stakeholder group to implement a proposed policy and practice guidelines. Makes a compelling case for the importance of stakeholder collaboration and considers stakeholder perspectives by addressing possible objections

Provide at least 3 references within the last 5 years based in United States please. Can reuse references from previous paper (Policy Proposal)