1) Discussion Question – Chapter 1 – PR Roles and Responsibilities, Chapter 2 – PR’s Origins and Evolution

Explain how public relations is a strategic management function and how can you prepare for the practice in the future when the future is difficult to predict. (1 page)

2) Discussion Question

Study the difference between the words public and stakeholder. Explain how they the function in public relations and public opinion. (1 page)

3) Discussion Question

What criteria should be used to determine public relations practitioners’ choice of a channel and medium to communicate with a specific public? (1 page)

4) Chapter 10 – Tactics and Technologies: Details That Make PR Strategy Work

Discussion Question –

What are editorial objectives and purposes of an employee publication and annual report.

(1 page)

5) Chapter 12 – Crisis and Credibility

Discussion Question –

Identify a crisis typology in Figure 12.1 and list an organization vulnerable situation. Develop a comprehensive list of publics/stakeholders and their impact of the crisis on them. (1 page)