Solved by a verified expert:This is all in the attached folder as well for proper formatting.You will be introduced to Serine-Threonine Kinase-coupled receptors and the signal transduction pathways they initiate. I’m attaching links to two review articles.The first article, Mechanisms of TGF-beta Signaling from Cell Membrane to Nucleus, by Shi and Massague, I’ve highlighted throughout for you. It does a very good job of outlining TGF-beta signaling and give you great information to build from.The second article, Roles of TGF-beta signaling Smads in squamous cell carcinoma, by Han and Wang, is also very good.To complete this assignment:1.Read both reviews;2.Briefly summarize roles foreach of the Smads as discussed in the Han and Wang review(1 page, no works cited page needed);3.Find a primary source (must be a primary source, not secondary or beyond) from either of these reviews that illustrates or extends the findings and write a short descriptionof how your article adds to the collective knowledge base of TGF-beta signaling. This should be only a couple of pages, but you should be specific in terms of how your article extends or relates to the information contained in either of the two reviews(2 pages and cite the article you choose);4.Diagram the signaling pathway (the one your primary source focuses on) from the receptor-lignadà(to)à the gene targets regulated(1 page).Links to reviews: