Solved by a verified expert:Question 36Which of the following statements correctly describes bone movement?a. skeletal muscle works with smooth muscle to move bonesb. skeletal muscle contraction pulls bones and muscle relaxation pushes them back to the starting positionc. bone moves when tendons and ligaments contractd. skeletal muscles may work in opposition to move bones1 points Question 37Skeletal muscle can only _____ bones.pull onpush againstexert force on1 points Question 38Bowman’s capsule, the start of the tubular part of a nephron, is located in the _____.a.renal cortexb.renal arteryc.renal pelvisd.renal medulla1 points Question 39The system of drainage vessels that pick up excess interstitial fluid and return it to the circulatory system is the:a. Interstitial systemb. Venous systemc. Lymphatic systemd. Capillary system1 points Question 40Viral STDs includea.genital herpes.b.AIDS.c.AIDS and genital herpes.d.syphilis.e.AIDS, genital herpes, and syphilis.1 points Question 41The lining of the uterus that is discharged during the menstrual flow phase is the:a. seminal liningb. oviductc. endometriumd. cervixe. myometrium1 points Question 42Heart excitation originates in theatrioventricular node.intercalated disk.sinoatrial node.pericardium.all of these.1 points Question 43Which statement is the best description of the relationship between environmentalism and ecology?a.Ecology and environmentalism are exactly the same.b.Environmentalism is more important than ecology.c.Environmentalist seek to become ecologists.d.Environmentalists utilize information from ecological studies to draw attention to particular environmental concerns.e.None of these answers.1 points Question 44Which of the following is not a temporary method of contraception?a.birth-control pillsb.vasectomyc.IUD plus spermicided.spermicidal jelly or foame.condoms1 points Question 45What structure is commonly known as the birth canal?a. Fallopian tubes (oviducts)b. Ovaryc. Uterusd. Vagina