Solved by a verified expert:1.Which of the following is the unwanted effects of nitrofuranes:a) Nausea, vomitingb) Allergic reactionsc) Hemolytic anemiad) All of the above.2.Which of the following is the indications for Metronidazole:a) Intra-abdominal infections, vaginitis, enterocolitisb) Pneumoniac) As a disinfectantd) Influenza3.Which of the following is the unwanted effects of Metronidazole:a) Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomatitisb) Hypertensionc) Disturbances of peripheral blood circulationd) All of the above4.The mechanism of fluoroquinolones’ action is:Inhibition of phospholipase CInhibition of DNA gyraseInhibition of bacterial cell synthesisAlteration of cell membrane permeability5.Fluoroquinolones are active against:a) Gram negative microorganisms onlyb) Mycoplasmas and Chlamidiae onlyc) Gram positive microorganisms onlyd) Variety of Gram-negative and positive microorganisms, including Mycoplasmas and Chlamidiae