Solved by a verified expert:1. which of the following is possible because of the high surface tension of water?a) sweat can evaporate from the skin, helping to keep people from overheatingb) lakes cannot freeze solid in winter, despise low temperaturesC) organisms can resist temperature changes, although they give off heat due to chemical reactionsD) animals such as certain insects and spiders can walk across the surface of a small pond2. A buffer:a) added to a solution will always make the solution neutral, with a PH of 7b) prevents the PH of a solution from changing when acid or based is added C) Causes acidic solutions to become alkaline, and alkaline solutions to become acidicD) stabilizes the PH of a solution by preventing acids or bases from DissociatingF) ACCEPTS HYDROGEN IONS WHEN THEY ARE IN EXCESS AND DONATES HYDROGEN IONS WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN DEPLETED