Solved by a verified expert:15. Which of the following is not a phase of Mitosis?A) anaphaseB) interphaseC) metaphaseD) telophase16. The diploid (2N) number of chromosomes in humans is 46. The number of chromosomes found in a sperm is:A) 92B) 46C) 23D) the haploid number cannot be determined from the information given17. When do two 2N daughter cells form?A) meiosisB) anaphase IC) mitosisD) interkinesis18. The major function of the Calvin cycle is to:A) generate ATP.B) transfer electrons to form NADH and FADH2.C) make organic molecules from CO2.D) transfer light energy to electrons19.Cytokinesis refers to the:A) splitting of the centromere to separate the sister chromatids.B) division of the cytoplasm to produce two daughter cells.C) division of the genetic material into two daughter cells.D) formation of two new nuclei during telophase.