Solved by a verified expert:19. Which of the following is a carbohydratre?a) nutrient-rich waterb) cellulosec) a phospholipidd) collagene) a triglyceride20. Which of the following cells are eukaryotic?a) plant cellb) eukaryotic cellc) fungal celld) A and B and Ce) A and B21. Which of the following processes produces the most ATP?a) aerobic glycolysisb) anaerobic glycolysisc) tricarboxylic acid cycled) electron transport chaine) oxidative phosphorylation22. Which of the following is not a protein?a) hemoglobinb) proteasec) catalased) pepsine) lactate23. The nitrogen cycle depends on the ability of the ground to absorb gaseous nitrogen from the air and feed it to the plant roots. T or f?24. Detritivores consume:a) leaf litter.b) animal flesh.c) fungi.d) both plants and insects.e) only microorganisms.25. Each level or “link” in a food chain or a food web is called:a) a trophic level.b) a consumer.c) an energy flow unit.d) an equivalent.e) entropy.