Solved by a verified expert:1:Which of the following genotypes is homozygous dominant? A:ttB: FfC: XYD: SS2:In a monohybrid cross, if the gene for tall (T) plants was incompletely dominant over the gene for short (t) plants, what would be the predicted result of crossing an intermediate (Tt) plant with a tall (TT) plant? (Hint: You may want to complete a Punnett square) A:50 percent tall, 25 percent intermediate, 25 percent shortB: 25 percent tall, 50 percent intermediate, 25 percent shortC: 50 percent tall, 50 percent intermediate D:100 percent intermediate3:The allele for a widow’s peak has complete dominance over the allele for a straight hairline (w). What is the probability of a man with a straight hairline (ww) and a woman with a widow’s peak (WW) having an offspring without a widow’s peak? A:0 percentB: 75 percent C:25 percent D:50 percent4:A plant grows faster and fuller due to large amounts of fertilizer. If the plant cross-pollinates with another plant later, how will the use of fertilizer on the parent plant affect the plant’s offspring?A: All of the offspring will be taller than average because the parent plant’s genes were affected.B: Some of the offspring will be taller than average because some of the alleles were affected. C:The height of the offspring will not change because the parent’s genes did not change. D:The height of some of the offspring will be taller if the other parent plant was also fertilized.5:In fruit flies, the gene for red eyes (R) is dominant and the gene for sepia eyes (r) is recessive. If two red-eyed heterozygous flies (Rr) mate together, what are the possible genotypes of their offspring? (Hint: You many want to complete a Punnett square.) A:RR and Rr B:Rr only C:RR and rr D:RR, Rr, and rr6:If a pea plant has a genotype SSTt, what are the possible genetic combinations that could be present in a single grain of pollen produced by the plant?A: SS, Tt, ST B:ST, St, stC: SS, Tt, ST, St D:ST, St7:If a baby boy inherits a recessive allele from his mother, in which of the following circumstances would he most likely exhibit that recessive trait? A:The allele is X-linked.B: His mother’s father also exhibited the trait. C:The allele skips a generation.D: He inherited the dominant trait from his father.8:In guinea pigs, dark hair (D) is dominant over light hair (d) and curly hair (C) is dominant over smooth hair (c). Complete a dihybrid cross for parents with the genotypes: DdCc × DdCc and answer the following in complete sentences.Describe how you would set up a Punnett square for this cross.List the likelihood of each possible offspring genotype.List the likelihood of each possible offspring phenotype.