Solved by a verified expert:1. Which of the following are mismatched?A) Recombinant DNA: DNA resulting when animal genes are inserted in a bacterial genome.B) Bioremediation: remove toxic waste using bacteriaC) Normal microbiota: organisms naturally occurring on the body.D) Emerging Infectious Disease; Bird Flu.E) Gene therapy: study of the function of genes2. Which of the following pairs is mismatched?a. subcutaneous mycosis— fungal infection of the epidermis and surrounding tissue.b. cutaneous mycosis — fungal infection of the keratinized layers of skin, hair and nailc. superficial mycosis — fungal infection of the outer layer of skind. systemic mycosis — fungal infection of body organs3. Which of the following statements are FALSE? A) Penicillin works against Gram positive bacteriaB) Penicillinase converts penicillin to penicillinoic acidC) Penicillinoic acid is harmless to bacteriaD) None of the statements are false.4. Purified protein from Bordetella pertussis is used in a(n) A) nucleic acid vaccine. B) conjugated vaccine.C) attenuated whole-agent vaccine. D) subunit vaccine.5. Which of the following is/are FALSE about chemotherapeutic agents?A) Synthesized in a labB) Sulfanililamide is an exampleC) Are classified in to broad and narrow spectrumD) None of the statements are false.