Solved by a verified expert:Which is a disadvantage of antigenic detectionSimple and FastCan be automatedLow specificityCapability for high throughputWhich of the following is not required for the proper use of molecular beacons?Complementarity between the template DNA and the probe sequenceDetachment of a separate hybridized probe molecule from the template DNAIllumination of the hybridized beacon to detect fluorescenceProximity-based quenching of the fluorophore prior to beacon hybridizationAn unknown white powder is tested by an antibody based detection system. The test does not indicate the presence of anthrax, yet the sample did contain B. anthracis spores. This is an example of:Sampling errorA false positiveA false negativeA neutral errorWhich virus is NOT a common delivery vehicle for gene therapy?Pox virusEbola virusRetro virusHerpes virusThe natural function of the CRISPR/Cas9 system is:Bacterial immune systemDNA replication proofreading systemAntibody generation systemRNA regulation systemProduction of a monoclonal antibody cell line “immortal” cells. Cells are immortalized by:Specific nutrient supplementsCryogenic freezingFusion with a myeloma cellStored in a growth hormone media