Solved by a verified expert:Form A Exam 3 Fall 20121. Which form of the exam do you have?A. AB. B2. A friend of yours, Garrett, complains that it burns when he urinates. You know that he met anew girl, Jaclyn, a while ago. Their relationship has become close and they have becomesexually involved with one another. You suggest that he may have chlamydia. He insists that thisis not possible because he has not had sex with anyone except Jaclyn and that they have alwaysbeen completely honest with each other. She would have told him if she had chlamydia. Youthen correctly explain to him that:A. although chlamydia may be sexually transmitted, it is usually obtained by non-sexualmeansB. women with chlamydia usually have no symptoms, so Jaclyn may not have known shewas infectedC. he should be treated immediately because, if untreated, chlamydia is usually fatalD. it doesn’t matter how he got the disease, because there is no treatment and he’ll nowhave it for life3. Things don’t work out for Jaclyn and Garrett. Several years later, Jaclyn marries another friendof yours, George. Although they would like to have children, they are unable to conceive a childafter two years of trying. You recall your earlier suspicion that Jaclyn may have had chlamydia.You correctly mention to the frustrated couple that chlamydial infections may cause infertilitybecause:A. the remaining organisms attack and kill sperm cellsB. bacteria causing the infection often attack and kill the potential egg cells in thewoman’s ovariesC. the high fever during the illness damages the potential egg cellsD. in its final stages chlamydia attacks the nervous system and may disrupt hormonelevelsE. they may cause scar tissue to form in the oviducts4. Choose the INCORRECT statement about plasmids.A. Plasmids are necessary for the survival of bacteria.B. Plasmids can carry many genes for antibiotic resistance (to different antibiotics).C. Plasmids can be copied and transferred to other bacteria.D. Plasmids can be transferred to different kinds (species) of bacteria.5. All of the following are correct statements EXCEPT:A. A reason that a properly used condom may not prevent the spread of an STD is thatthe infected site may not be covered by the condom.B. A reason that a properly used condom may not prevent the spread of an STD is thatdisease organisms can sometimes pass through the latexC. A diaphragm offers a woman some protection against getting an STD from an infectedmale, but it offers little protection for the male if the woman is infected.D. A woman who is using the birth control pill as a means of contraception has anincreased risk of developing certain STDs. 26. You are a physician. Your first client is an 18 year old, unmarried woman. Her friends refer toher as “the airhead” because she is so forgetful and disorganized. She is sexually active but not inany stable, long-term relationship. You wisely suggest that the best choice contraception for thiswoman would be:A. a condom for her partnerB. a diaphragmC. spermicidesD. Depo-Provera with a condom for her partner7. Your next client is a young unmarried college student. She has dated only one guy for the lastfew years. They have been sexually intimate for a number of years and are comfortable andfamiliar with one another. He lives in her hometown and she went away to school. They agreedthat they would date other people. They are still eager to get together whenever possible – onschool vacations and on the occasional weekends that he can get off from work. She has highblood pressure. Considering the health risks and benefits associated with each means of birthcontrol, which would be the best choice for this couple.A. a diaphragm plus condom combinationB. douching after intercourseC. the rhythm methodD. the IUDE. the combination birth control pill8. Which of the following is NOT a likely cause of pelvic inflammatory disease?A. chlamydiaB. gonorrheaC. syphilis9. Your best friend, Suzie, just got married. She calls you from San Diego in a panic-strickenfrenzy because she forgot her diaphragm. You assure her that you will send it Fed-Ex. She’llhave it tomorrow. In the meantime, you suggest that the most effective means of birth control forthe honeymoon couple to use is:A. coitus interruptisB. a vaginal sponge and condom combinationC. the rhythm methodD. douching after intercourseE. an IUD10. Droplet infection:A. is transmitted by mosquitoesB. occurs by kissingC. occurs when contaminated food is eatenD. occurs when droplets of mucus containing disease-causing organisms are expelledfrom the upper respiratory system, usually by sneezing or coughing 311. Which of the following contains choices of contraception that can be purchased over-thecounter without a prescription?1. condom2. diaphragm3. spermicide4. IUD5. vaginal spongeChoices:A. 1, 2, 3B. 2, 3, 4C. 3, 4, 5D. 1, 3, 5E. 1, 2, 512. Your friend Alicia is in a state of panic. She had intercourse with her husband on day 14 ofher menstrual cycle and the condom broke. She’s worried that she may be pregnant. You ask howlong her typical cycle is. She says she’s very regular and it is always 21 days. So, you correctlyrespond:A. Don’t worry. No matter what the cycle length is, ovulation always occurs on day 1 soit is unlikely that you are pregnant.B. Didn’t you have your period at that time? It is impossible to get pregnant then.C. Get a pregnancy test to be sure you aren’t pregnant, but don’t worry too much. It is notvery likely that a fertile egg was present at that point in your cycle.D. Start knitting little booties. You idiot. Don’t you know that all women ovulate on day14? Of course, you are pregnant.E. You didn’t enjoy it did you? You can’t get pregnant if you didn’t enjoy it.13. Which of the following is a CORRECT statement about spermicides?A. If used as the only means of contraception, foams are the best form to use.B. Spermicides are as effective in preventing pregnancy as a male latex condom if bothare used correctly..C. Spermicides are as effective in the spread of STDs as a male latex condom if both areused correctly.14. Regarding the effectiveness in preventing pregnancy: In which choice are the contraceptiveslisted in order from greatest to least protection (if used correctly).A. diaphragm, male condom, Depo-ProveraB. male condom, spermicides, the birth control pillC. the birth control pill, diaphragm, rhythm methodD. spermicides, male condom, diaphragm 415. What is an important difference between human cell structure and bacteria cells?A. bacteria have a cell wallB. bacteria lack DNAC. human cells lack ribosomesD. human cells reproduce both sexually and asexually16. The symptoms of a bacterial disease are caused by:A. damage or death of cells that occurs as bacteria leave the cells after having mademany copies of themselvesB. mutations in the host cell caused by bacteriaC. chemicals ( toxins or enzymes) released by the bacteria that damage cells in theinfected organismD. plasmidsE. none of the above17. Which of the following is a way that you personally can reduce the development of antibioticresistance in bacteria?A. Don’t demand an antibiotic when your health-care provider determines one isn’tappropriate. Ask about ways to help relieve your symptoms.B. Never take an antibiotic for a viral infection such as a cold, a cough, or the flu.C. Take medicine exactly as your health-care provider prescribes. If he or she prescribes anantibiotic, take it until it is gone, even if you’re feeling better.D. Don’t take leftover antibiotics or antibiotics prescribed for someone else. Theseantibiotics may not be appropriate for your current symptoms. Taking the wrongmedicine could delay getting correct treatment and allow bacteria to multiply.E. All of the above18. You are a practitioner in a family planning clinic. Your first client would like to use DepoProvera (an injection of progesterone every 3 months) as a means of birth control. You wiselymention all of the following EXCEPT:A. You can expect that your menstrual cycles may become irregular.B. You may gain a few pounds.C. You may experience some breast tenderness.D. Depo-Provera increases your risk of pelvic inflammatory disease.E. You may miss some periods.19. She asks you how Depo-Provera is thought to prevent pregnancy in all of the following waysEXCEPT:A. The endometrium will not be properly prepared for implantation.B. If implantation does occur, the embryo may be killed or physically dislodged from theendometrium.C. It increases the thickness of cervical mucusD. It may interfere with sperm movement. 520. Which of the following is an example of disease transmission by a vector?A. West Nile Virus transmission by mosquitoB. transmission of a cold by sneezingC. food poisoningD. transmission of an STD21. Which of the following would help a woman pinpoint the day on which ovulation hadoccurred?A. Body temperature increases slightly and remains elevatedB. Her sex drive increases to almost uncontrollable levels.C. She begins to bleed from the vagina.D. none of the above22. The bacteria that cause anthrax can cause a skin lesion (sore) or respiratory problems. Whichof the following is an INCORRECT statement explaining why the same bacterium can causedifferent symptoms.A. The symptoms depend on how (where) the bacteria enter the body.B. The bacteria release different toxins in these locationsC. The symptoms appear at the site (location) where the toxins are released.23. You are a physician. A mother brings her 8 year old son to visit because he has a bad cold.She is very concerned that he get well quickly, because he has already missed a week of school.All of the following would be reasonable responses to this woman EXCEPT:A. No, I won’t prescribe an antibiotic because antibiotics are not effective againstviruses. Antibiotic treatment will not shorten his illness.B. No, I won’t prescribe an antibiotic because antibiotics cause plasmids to develop inthe good bacteria causing them to develop antibiotic resistance.C. No, I won’t prescribe an antibiotic because antibiotics could kill the good bacteria inthe body, allowing harmful bacteria to “take over” and cause other illness.24. Which of the following STDs can cause an aneurysm?A. chlamydiaB. gonorrheaC. syphilis25. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?A. The organism that causes syphilis can be spread on toilet seats, drinking glasses andwet towels.B. The organism that causes syphilis can enter the body through a break in the skin.C. Syphilis often causes sterility.D. Men and women are equally likely to contract (get) gonorrhea from an infectedpartner. 626. How do most disease-causing bacteria cause damage?A.causing high feversB.causing lesionsC.releasing toxinsD.reproducing asexually27. Mucous membranes are the most likely area where sexually transmitted organisms can enterthe body. Which of the following structures are NOT lined with mucous membranes?A. the urethraB. the vaginaC. the scrotumD. the eyesE. the mouth28. Choose the INCORRECT statement:A. Chlamydia can lead to sterility in either sex.B. Gonorrhea is a common cause of pelvic inflammatory disease.C. The bacterium that causes syphilis can cross the placenta and infect a fetus growing inthe uterus if the mother has syphilisD. The most common STD in the US is syphilis.29. Chlamydia:A. may lead to sterility if it goes untreatedB. is incurableC. is usually incredibly painfulD. causes chancresE. none of the above30. Choose the INCORRECT statement:A. If the bacteria that cause chlamydia are transferred to the eyes, it can cause blindness.B. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis can be cured with antibiotics.C. Most women with chlamydia have no symptoms.D. A man with gonorrhea must ejaculate in order to spread the infectious organism to apartner.