Solved by a verified expert:Course Final Evaluation 28 points1. What state of development is unique to animals? (Points : 1)cell walls of celluloseblastula stagemulticellularautotrophicmore than one of theseQuestion 2.2. The advantage(s) of the exoskeleton include (Points : 1)protection from water lossprovide flexibilityattachment for musclesallows for unlimited growthQuestion 3.3. Match the animal to it’s Phylum(Points : 5)Potential Matches:1 : Platyhelminthes2 : Arthropoda3 : Cnidaria4 : Nematoda5 : MolluscaAnswer: Spider: Toxocara canis: gastropods: Dugesia: Sea anemoneQuestion 4.4. Which phyla has more terrestrial organisms than the others? (Points : 1)EchinodermataChordataCnidariaPlatyhelminthesPoriferaQuestion 5.5. Kingdoms are divided into areas known as (Points : 1)classesphylumordergenusspeciesQuestion 6.6. What is the advantage of the reptile/bird amniotic egg? (Points : 1)prevents water lossmust be laid in a moist placeprotects organisms from predatorsrequires constant nuturingFinal Evaluation AssessmentComplete a paper that includes the following, when completed attach to the dropbox for Final evaluation.1. Pick one of the labs you completed this semester and write an evaluation of how this lab helped you achieve the goals of this class, your evaluation needs to include:• The Title of the Lab you chose (2 pt)• The course goal(s) you think the assignment fulfill (2 pt)• An explanation of specifically what part of the assignment helped you fulfill a specific goal (at least 200 words). (8 pts)For example If you said Lab 2 on the microscope allows you to complete goal 1, demonstrating critical thinking/problem solving skills. You would then include: On section 4b, after measuring the diameter of the field of view at 40x magnification, I computed the size of an object that is 2/3 of the view, by taking 2/3 times 4 mm= 2.7 mm. I was problem solving when I measured the diameter, then used the measurement to figure the size of the object.2. Pick one of the writing assignments and explain how it fits with you completing one of the course goals below: Evaluation:• Explain which assignment you picked and why( 2 pts)• Write at least 200 words explaining how this assingnment helps you fullfill one or more of the goals. Explain the goals you chose and how the assignment fits with the goal. Be specific giving several different examples of what you did, and or learned that meets these goals. ( 10 pts)4. Finally, tell me the assignment or lab that helped you learn the most this semester and the assignment or lab from which you learned the least this semester. As usual, I’m expecting you to support your statement with some specifics. ( 4 pts)Bio 105 Course Goals:1. Upon completion of Introductory Biology the student will demonstrate critical thinking/problem solving skills2. Upon completion of Introductory Biology the student will be able to describe the interdependence of cell structure, function and metabolism.3. Upon completion of Introductory Biology the student will be able to describe genetic principles.4. Upon completion of Introductory biology the student will be able to describe the interdependence of organisms and their interactions with the environment.5. Upon completion of Introductory Biology the student will be able to describe the diversity and commonality of organisms.