Solved by a verified expert:Pre Lab QuizName __________________________ Section # _____ 1. What part of the cell does UV damage affect most?a. cell membraneb. DNAc. proteinsd. lipidse. sugarsAnswer: ______2. Should one protect the eyes and skin from exposure to UV?a. yesb. noAnswer: ________3. Which microbe is a spore forming bacteria?a. Aspergillus niger (don’t pick this one, it is a Fungi)b. Bacillus cereusc. Serratia marcescensAnswer: ______4. Which agar is best for determining what type of hemolytic reaction a microbe willproduce? 5. Which agar is best for examining Staphylococci?6. What is (use your text book or notes)i. alpha hemolyticii. beta hemolyticiii. gamma hemolytic?