Solved by a verified expert:You will need to consult chapter 10 in order to complete this problem set.Using Figure 10.8A in your text, indicate the possible sequences of mRNA codons that code for the following polypeptide.Methionine-Arginine- Alanine- Glutamine- Tryptophan- Cysteine- Stop________ _______ ______ ________ _________ _______ ____________ _______ ______ ________ _________ _______ ____________ _______ ______ ________ _________ _______ ____Answer the following questions using the strand of DNA shown belowTAC TTA GGT GAA ATA CCG AAG ACTWhat is the sequence of the other strand in the pair?What is the mRNA sequence for the strand of DNA (provided to you)?Using the mRNA sequence, give the sequence of amino acids that would result from translation (these would form a string).How is the sequence of amino acids changed by the following base insertion? Give the sequence of amino acids that result from this change in the sequence.TAC TTA GGT GAA ATT ACC GAA GAC T