Solved by a verified expert:The topic is gut flora. It should include 2000 words. Please use the outline below. No references. Please include a cover page.I.INTRODUCTION A. What is Gut Flora1.Elie Metchnikoff B. Normal flora benefits1.Digestion2.Absorption3.ExcretionII.BODYA. Gut Flora vs. Pathogens1.Bacteriocins2.ColicinsB. Antibiotic Effect on Gut Flora1.Increase Antibiotic Resistancea.Broad spectrum Antibiotics2.Diseases/Signs and Symptomsa.Diarrheab.Colitisc.Colon Inflammation C. Poor Levels of Gut Flora Effects on the Digestion System D. How to improve levels of Gut Flora1.Food Consumption2.SupplementsIII. Conclusion A. Is there a perfect balance of Normal Flora