Solved by a verified expert:1) (2 pts) Visit
and use theWater Footprint Calculator. Fill in the
table with your final results.











* U.S. Averages are provided by National and represent

2) (4pts) What is a Water
Footprint Calculator? How is this estimate determined? In what
categories are you above and/or below the U.S averages?

3) (4pts) This calculator provides a good general
idea of how much water an individual uses per day, but there are some
challenges with applying this one calculator to the average “college” student’s
lifestyle. In what ways does this
calculator miss the average college student?
Provide three specific areas or items you feel should be included in
this calculator to account for the average college student.

4) (10pts) In 2014, California Governor Jerry
Brown ordered a 25% reduction in water use for all residents of
California. Assume you are a resident of California and
you also are being ordered to reduce your personal water footprint by 25%.* sum your totals for each
category and multiply by 0.25. Then
subtract this number from the original sum.
This number represents 25% of your original water footprint.Write down your new target goal (25% of the original), and describe where and how you would meet this
goal of reducing your personal water footprint by 25%. Be specific and show calculations.