Solved by a verified expert:Chapter 9:1). What are the emergent cognitive and affective behaviors of the central nervous system?2). What is the difference between gray and white matter in the brain?3). Describe the origin, locations and functions of the cerebrospinal fluid.4). Describe the composition and function of the blood-brain barrier.5). Where is the blood-brain barrier leaky, and for what purpose?6). Describe the divisions and functions of the spinal nerves.7). Describe the axon tracts/columns of the spinal cord.8). Describe the main components of the brain stem and their general functions.9). Construct a chart that summarizes the major components, locations and general functions of:– The brain stem– The medulla oblongata– The cerebellum– The diencephalon– The corpus callosum– The basal ganglia– The components of the limbic system– The sensory, motor and association areas of the cerebral cortex– The behavioral state system10). Describe the phenomena and phases of sleep.11). Describe the endocrine control of the common circadian rhythms.12). Describe the phenomena and origins of emotions and motivations.13). Describe the phenomena of learning.14). Describe the different types and origins of the different types of memory.15). Describe the origin of language.16). Describe the phenomena of personality and contributing factors.