Solved by a verified expert:Question 11 ptsWhat are the building blocks of proteins? MonosaccharidesFatty acidsNucleic acidsAmino acidsFlag this Question Question 21 ptsThis kind of protein you have to get from your diet; your body can not make it on itsown. Nucleic acidsAll amino acidsEssential amino acidsNon-essential amino acidsFlag this Question Question 31 ptsWhat is an example of eating complimentary proteins? Animal proteinChicken and riceLamb and porkRice and beansFlag this Question Question 41 ptsEating plant based proteins provides the following advantage: Decreasing saturated fat and cholesterol intakeDecreasing vitamin and mineral intakeDecreasing fiber intakeIncreasing saturated fat and cholesterol intakeFlag this Question Question 51 ptsSometimes protein is burned for energy. When does that happen? When there isn’t enough carbohydrates to burn for energy When there isn’t enough fat to burn for energyAll the timeWhen you eat more protein than you needFlag this Question Question 61 ptsWhen you eat enough carbohydrates and you eat more than enough protein, whathappens to the excess protein? It passes as wasteIt is burned for energyIt is stored as fatFlag this Question Question 71 ptsWhich of the following is a reason to avoid a high-protein, low-carb diet? Your intake of cholesterol will decreaseYour intake of saturated fats will increaseYour risk of cancer goes down on a high-protein dietYour kidney’s will work less to digest excess proteinFlag this Question Question 81 ptsWhat percent of an athletic person’s body is made up of water? 20%50%75%70%Flag this Question Question 91 ptsWhich of the following is a list of healthy proteins? Choose the best response: Soy products, full fat dairy products and chicken with the skinLamb, pork and beefNuts, skinless chicken, and turkeyFlag this Question Question 101 ptsWhich organ helps your body retain water when you are dehydrated? StomachKidney’sLiverSmall intestine