Solved by a verified expert:1. What are some environmental factors that affect population growth? Do these factors affectdeveloped and underdeveloped nations equally? Support your response with evidence.2. We have various nationalities in the United States and the population of each subgroup inthe United States is plentiful. Expound on if you think the U.S. should limit population sizeregardless of nationality; be sure to include an explanation of why or why not.3. Select an ecosystem and choose one abiotic and one biotic factor within it. How do thesefactors interact and how does this affect the ecosystem? Support your response withexamples.* You need to know what biotic and abiotic mean before attempting question.4. Describe how the interaction of biotic and abiotic environmental components affect population growth and regulation.5. Analyze the effects of human activities on ecosystems and the biosphere.6. Describe the flow of energy and materials in an ecosystem. 7. Review the Crash Course: Ecology videos on the Khan Academy website. Consider the following questions as you watch the videos: How do biotic and abiotic environmental components interact, and how does thisaffect population growth and regulation? How have human activities affected ecosystems and the biosphere? How do energy and materials flow in an ecosystem?Note. All Khan Academy content is available for free at 8. Search the Internet for an article about a recent environmental disaster. Consider the following questions as you read the article: How did human actions contribute to this disaster? Which biotic and abiotic factors were involved?How did the disaster affect the flow of materials and energy in the ecosystem?