Solved by a verified expert:Waste-to-energy (WTE) facilitiesSelect one: a. consume much more energy than they release, adding to the overall costs. b. require new collecting and hauling procedures not easily adopted by the public. c. increase the mass of MSW entering landfills. d. better isolate and handle toxic or hazardous substances in MSW.Which MSW destination accounts for over 50% of waste produced in the US?Select one:a. recycledb. burned for energyc. discardedHuman populations could be maintained indefinitely at the ethical carrying capacity only if:Select one: a. rigid birth control was practiced. b. technology was eliminated. c. water access was more equitable. d. food became severely limited.Which of the following is the greatest threat to the biosphere and the basis of most environmental problem?Select one:a. increasing global temperaturesb. dwindling energy sourcesc. emergent diseasesd. growing human populationsIndustrial agriculture is based upon all of the factors listed below EXCEPT:Select one:a. employing large numbers of people.b. extensive use of machinery.c. crop breeding programs.d. high fossil fuel use.In general, the states that are least likely to recycle MSW are locatedSelect one: a. near the Pacific Coast. b. near the Rocky Mountains. c. near the Atlantic Coast. d. in the northeastern United States.What is the problem with annual, monoculture cropping practices?Select one:a. Only small family farms can productively grow these high-yielding varieties.b. All individuals in the crop are essentially genetically identical and vulnerable to disaster.c. The yields are low when high inputs of water, fertilizers, and pesticides are applied.d. They can only be carried out in developing countries.Population growth and fertility rates are lowest inSelect one: a. middle- and low-income countries. b. upper-income countries. c. upper- and middle-income countries. d. lower-income countries.A country that has undergone a demographic transition hasSelect one: a. a lower birth rate, a lower death rate, and undergone industrialization. b. a lower birth rate and a higher death rate. c. a higher birth rate and a lower death rate, and is about to undergo industrialization. d. a higher birth rate and a lower death rate.In the Story of Electronics video, “Product Take Back” refers to the production of electronics that are shorter lasting, less toxic, and morerecyclable than current products.Select one: True False